pseudo closers…..and the bullpen

so how many closers do they jays have on their roster right now (incl. DL)….
ryan, downs, frasor, accardo?
to be honest, its a blessing in disguise that the pen injuries have happened when they have…
our bullpen this year has not been as sharp as last year, but it has given the jays a chance to throw different guys out there in various scenarios…and really square away who should fit which role..

running down the mainstay pitchers that have seen action….

BJ – as long as he cannot find his control, he is a liability…granted he has slowed down his delivery, which keeps the ball somewhat in the zone, but when he was “in-form”, there were always heart palpitations when he came out to close the game…

downsy – strike thrower…plain and simple..dependable, hope he gets well soon

frasor – with the addition of the changeup to his arsenal, it really compliments his fastball well and we are seeing the results…

accardo – yes, just one inning today, but if he can recapture the 2007 form prior to injury, he should be up to stay…and share the 7th and 8th if needed

brandon league – indeed my favorite pitcher of the bullpen crew (something about his delivery and attitude), but his enigmatic nature just is not reliable….i know he was working on his arm slot earlier this year…but i think he still needs to get it right

shawn camp – pretty strong and silent thus far…eats up the innings and pitches to contact….great to eat up the innings in between when needed

jesse carlson – what can i say about him, hes given up runs in 5 out of his last 10 appearances….the potential is there..but are his pitches being telegraphed to the opposing batters, because the contact they get off of him is “too solid”

current state of bullpen:
frasor closes
accardo set up
carlson faces lefties primarily (but can eat up some innings if really need be, until proven he can pitch to less harmful contact)
camp and league middle innings
bj mop up time only (unfortunately so)

oh one more thing for tonite…..marco….great “steal” of second….